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Side Transfer


Our company aims to facilitate you access to Side by Side of the first shuttle. Side Manavgat is bonded to a region. The site contains many historical buildings in Side that hosted many civilizations. This leads to not very much favored by domestic and foreign tourists. Too many people visited by Side 'is also experiencing some transportation troubles. Offering shuttle service to our guests who want to reach Side came to Antalya Sir, our company transfer you are keeping them away from the intensity of the transportation service. Transportation shortage of bus station where there is too much, It is not easy to find an empty taxi in areas such as airport. If you have booked our airport to our company website, bus station or prepared in a way that addresses mentioned in waiting vehicles will be. Our company conditions set by the Transport Ministry to provide a good service to you is the best way to ensure. Our driver is staffed and experienced, All heavy vehicles (E Class) It has the capacity. In addition, the Ministry of Transportation, which are also being asked to SRC and Psycho documents. Education, Safe Driving, Legal Rights and Responsibilities is given to our team as compulsory education, as well as first aid, time is given all the necessary training and business issues related to the fire. Everything is controlled and maintained in a systematic way the car performs our company is regularly commissioned, optional child seat is taken. Each vehicle has air conditioning and is suitable for service charter. vehicle tracking system in all of our vehicles (ARVENTO) The board, Our employees and our vehicles are checked and instant tracking, so we indirgemekt the minimum possible risk of accidents. air conditioning filters every month, 3 Detailed month with a sterilization drug is cleared by our expert team also means laying. We provide you with all the necessary conditions for appropriately.

side-transferAntalya Side Transfer

Our company is the first to work with the latest tools and team of experts that provides transportation in Antalya. Side will perform a safe and easy ride with our driver meet you at the point you come to Antalya. Side transfers as you wish if you allow the return of the transportation Side also carries your transfer. Aiming to provide a service above the standards our company takes into account all the conditions required for transportation. Antalya's traffic congestion is a city that welcomes guests from all countries and cities are also more. which will save you from this density Side transfer You will enjoy a comfortable ride with service. Our contact numbers or through our website before coming to Antalya reaching we can book. At the point you come to meet you at your arrival in Antalya with a sign with your name written that offer a comfortable transfer service. During your transfer in case of any technical malfunctions that may occur in car, directing a vehicle to continue where you left off on your location you do not allow yourself to be victimized transfer.

Side Antalya Airport Transfer

Side transfer It offers a safe transportation of the airports the opportunity to meet with our guests coming to Antalya airlines. Some difficulties are experienced in transportation at airports with heavy transport tempo. Public transport in the long desired itinerary and gives you access to airports by changing a few tools. with shuttle service offered by our company in a short time by taking AnlArIndAn you at the airport and we realize you access to the point where you wish without any interruption. Side our guests welcomed the airports with our transfer service we provide the transportation to Side. Our driver meets the plate is inscribed with your name AnlArIndA You will continue your journey to the airport by Side. An affordable price and our company plan the best trip for you with a variety of payment options will carry out the transfer of the first in a quality manner. Your satisfaction is extremely important to our company.

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