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Serik Belek Transfer

Belek town due to Serik 12 November 2012 Google emerges as a neighborhood law adopted la. Belek place today is the most preferred yl Antalya. Generally, transportation of Serik in Belek is known as the most preferred Belek Transfer. between Antalya city center 40 There are kilometers. relative to Antalya city center is known to be less than that currently in plan. Namely in Belek and quite suddenly showed rapid development. When suitable housing which has been successful in this regard. Serious investments made in Belek everything was able to come to the fore. Belek and Kadriye, this consists of the towns but also in Belek Serik, Kadriye and triple Boğazkent from the received first in preference to the highest level, keeping them together Taking. Usually between these regions in both the moderate and comfortable transport takes place in Belek Vip Transfer. The number of places of cultural history in a lot of places here in Belek. Major Aspendos Theater, It was built by the Romans and until today without degrading emerges with a great voice projection. PR Another is, The province of Antalya city center 18 is a kilometer away. It was the capital of ancient history in the Pamphylia Region. We encourage you to see this place steeped in history. You can provide access to both the historical district of Antalya Belek Transfer. Lead Falls, Magnificient which is emerging from this waterfall glass trees. There is a green color is truly a place that must be seen. The very purpose of choosing from Serik Belek, It is a wide range of know. Hotel, restaurant, long beach, activities which ensures that the front is characterized by a very natural structure and may be considered. Belek Mediterranean climate to the original preferred lived mostly in the summer months for the new bakars has the potential to meet the guests in summer and winter in Belek. Both road is located in an area where you can both provide transportation by air. There is a half-hour from the airport. Airport Transfers can be made with this already in Belek. Transfer rates can also review our website to see is quite convenient

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