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Bogazkent Belek Transfer

Bogazkent, The province of Antalya's Serik district depends neighborhood is an advanced fastest. 2014 Local Elections in year quarter as a result of which it is a highly developed area. Bogazkent, Ahmadiyah was founded and Boğazak that combine with today Boğazkent. Bogazkent neighborhood 839 HKT is an area of ​​what has. Boğazkent the 'Bird Sanctuary' as it is also possible to hear. Because 207 38 of the birds was detected in birds of paradise bird species summer visitors, 70’i transit, 60'I is a winter visitor. They come to the area to breed the birds in the winter and summer seasons. Serik district in the neighborhood or to transport kolaylıl Bogazkent transfer provided with. this is quite comfortable and affordable tools of and is very advantageous for the environment. Because transport networks and the environment are not very large for Bogazkent. Accommodation facilities are located in quite the nasal district 5 star hotels; Şiam Elegance Hotels&Spa,Vera Club Hotel Paraiso Verde, Victoria Hotel, Aydınbey Resort Hotel, Belek Beach Resort Hotel, Riva Donna Exclusive, Crystal Hotels Family Resort, Clup Hotel Vera Mare and can be listed as Alva Donna Exclusive Hotel. transportation hotels usually Bogazkent Hotel Transfer happens with. Belek, from Boğazkent 13 grounds. Approximate maximum 18 It takes minutes. Made on Road Antalya Bogazkent Belek Transfer You can perform with transportation. Two of the coast, While it is natural so long and wide sandy beach with blue flag of the Caretta Caretta turtle lays its eggs but prefer to leave them where meat is one of seven areas. There are millions of both domestic and foreign tourists who come to vacation. The Mediterranean climate is suitable for living both in summer and winter visits. However, people generally prefer the summer. Average Antalya airport for both regions 50 considered as kilometer. transportation via the airport bus route Belek Boğazkent Airport Transfers provided with. Belek Bogazkent so many similarities today are showing rapid development unnoticed. As we know already Belek Serik district with innovation, which is more than the front. Bunul together illustrate the development in Bogazkent. Transfers can check our website for the price of cars

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