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Province of Antalya 35 Belek kilometers east of the place and the most talked about in recent years. Lush nature and the deep blue sea with almost a natural wonder. Same time, Belek is a golf paradise with many modern golf courses appropriate to international standards and is one of the best starting point for seeing the historic beauty of the region. The property is a very convenient place in Belek, around the district center or transportation Belek Transfer transportation taking place in accordance with the comfortable cab in both price you provide. Belek, Church is called the Garden of Religions, Synagogue and the Mosque of the trio has found a place where one. This feature gives great examples today. Belek especially one of the breeding grounds for loggerhead turtles attracts a lot of attention with the fact. They come to see thousands of visitors from our country and from outside the country. never to touch these endangered creatures which are forbidden to harm or. to come to Belek town from Antalya Belek Transfer There are many citizens who prefer tools. Because there are not many transportation options in Belek. You do not need a lot of money with everything as a whole, which Sillyon ancient city of Aspendos ancient city with a certain budget to spend time in Belek in Belek, Aqueducts, Aspendos ancient theater, One of the most enjoyable things you can do during your time in town, such as the ancient city of Perge embark on an historic journey that will stroll among historic sites in Belek. This local history Ucuz Belek Transfer You can go with the car and you can return again. Another. Subject is a wonder of nature. Belek cleanliness and beauty of its beaches are all easily with both fans bırakıyor.belek public beach, Phaselis beach, Pebbly beach, located in the nose, Pier located in beach, You'll find yourself saying Moth hill to the beach in green and blue. From your location Belek Vip Transferi Call and select your destination. Of course, take the time to make them yourself, because it will not be easy to leave Belek. Antalya absolute bean salad while you are here, Ear soup Hibes, Watermelon jam, bergamot jam, Do not forget to taste the flavors like bergamot jam. In addition to these varieties of fish also occupy an important place in Belek kitchen.

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